My name is Leonardo Federico

I don't like long self-descriptions nor long résumés. 24years old and from Italy. Background in Economics but currently work in an e-learning company based in California (SF) and in Switzerland. Huge fan of analytics and email marketing. I tweet a lot. I read a lot. I used to play a lot of chess. Sometimes I blog. Now in love for Cloud Computing technologies. Disclamer? This web site lives on AWS S3and it's generated by a Lambda Function.

Dont be a stranger: tweet me @leonardofed or drop me an email: me[at]leonardofederico dot com

R fan? Feel free to contribute to my open project on github

More? I read a lot HN.

This maze is a uniform spanning tree generated by Wilson’s algorithm. To illustrate this point, the maze is transformed into a Reingold–Tilford tree layout.